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SING ALONG IN SPANISH AND ENGLISH:  A Learning Tool and a Great Gift

Sing along with Paco Puppy, a whimsical, hand-operated, plush, full-bodied puppet accompanied by educational CD’s, featuring songs teaching Spanish and English to children. Music and lyrics are written and sung by Kay Borgelt, who lives in the Palm Beach area.

Paco Puppy and his companion CDs are a supplemental language program created and designed by Kay Borgelt. A certified
teacher in Florida and Nebraska, Kay holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education/Human Development and the Family, a Spanish Education Endorsement as well as a Master of Science Degree in Education/ Instructional Technology. As a result of her musical and teaching experiences, Kay discovered that learning happens more easily and quickly when the content is set to music and rhythm. She writes all of the music and lyrics for the Paco Puppy CDs, and is also the featured singer, including the voice of Paco Puppy.

Paco Puppy and CDs are USA-based products of KD LLC/KD Connection, a supplemental educational products company.  Kay, a native Nebraskan, has taught elementary education, as well as high school  and middle school Spanish, which inspired her to create a fun, easy way to enhance language skills. Her goal is to help bridge the communication gap between cultures, as well as to increase language awareness.
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  • West Palm Beach, Florida, United States